Hi all

I have a question regarding ABF setup on ASR9K

Should the ACL applied on an interface defines an IP range different than the 
IP address configured on the input interface?

For example:

ipv4 access-list ABF
10 permit ipv4 any nexthop1 vrf INSIDE-1 ipv4 nexthop2 
vrf INSIDE-1-BACKUP ipv4
20 permit ipv4 any any

Now , the ingress interface is configured as below:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/9
description Inside_Traffic
ipv4 address
ipv4 access-group ISM_ABF ingress

The ACL is not working , the IP address configured under the interface matches 
the IP address inside the ACL , could that be the reason for this not to work?



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