On 17/Oct/16 16:22, Lukas Tribus wrote:

> You probably don't want to hear this, but:
> Don't use VPLS, but L3VPN's. Like Ivan says: "VPLS is not aspirin" [1].

I tend to agree.

I've been telling customers (including product managers and sales folk)
since 2009 that you're better off taking an l3vpn than VPLS. I suppose
the idea of a global LAN is too sexy to avoid.

All in all, I have never deployed VPLS for any commercial or technical
purpose. Glad about that.

I have considered EVPN, which appears to be slightly better-designed
than VPLS. Still deciding whether it's the right thing, particularly on
the back of the fact that cloud is slowly replacing on-premise
infrastructure, negating the need for growth in branch-to-branch VPN's.

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