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Thank you for your answer.

The problem is I do not know the ASN's of the ISP's customers.
Robert - I am afraid that this particular ISP does not have a community for 
this, nor can they send me just their customer routes.

Since you don't know the ISP's customer ASN's, if they're a small enough ISP (few to no peers, and just a couple of transits), you could do an as-path ACL like
deny _100_transitA_
deny _100_transitB_
deny _100_peer1_
etc., ending with
permit _100_

It's not really clear what you're trying to accomplish though. If you just want customer routes from them, why not ask them to only send customer routes? The obvious answer to which, I suppose, is that if they don't have communities that would indicate which routes are customer routes, they're probably incapable of making that route advertisement decision on their end.

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