Have an interesting(unexpected) situation on an ASR920 that is running ospf / 
frr(rLFA) to a number of other ASR920's (All running sopf / frr(rLFA)....but it 
also has a non-frr(rLFA) link to a 7200, which also has a non-frr(rLFA) link 
back to the other ASR920's (So bascially a triangle topology)

ASR920's link to the 7200 has a very high OSPF cost (As I dont want it used, 
unless all other links fail)

Unexpectadly, the ASR920 only creates a single rLFA tunnel to one of the other 
ASR920's (All the other ASR920's create 2)

Also, not expected, the ASR920 chooses to use the link to the 7200 as a repair 
path to the directly connected ASR920's even though the links to the 
other(directly connected) ASR920's have a much lower cost?

If I shutdown the link on the ASR920->7200, the ASR920 creates a second tunnel, 
and starts using the rLFA tunnels as repair paths? (This is the behavior I 
expected, even with the link to the 7200 operational)

I have a TAC case open (For 2 weeks now!), and they are stumped...so Im hoping 
someone on the list may know why this is occurring (Or if it is expected 


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