On 12/1/2016 12:28 AM, Adrian Minta wrote:
>> Thanks Gert & Peter.  I’m going to look into the 9001.  We have a
>> bunch of Arista in the core doing ospf/ospfv3, the rep there
>> suggested their 7280SR, which is 48 SFP+, 6 QSFP, and they claim it’s
>> stable as a BGP router with limitations of 1.2M ipv4 / 768k ipv6
>> routes, simultaneously, no picking and choosing like Brocade. 
>> Obviously, it’s good price point, but I’m not sure I’m ready to trust
>> them in an edge router role as I don’t know anyone using them for
>> BGP.  I’m also not sure how long 1.2M ipv4 routes will be good for
>> given we’re already over the half way point to that and the table has
>> been growing regularly after run out.   List is $66k for reference.
> The SFP+ ports on 7280SR-48C6 do support 1G optics or they are 10G
> only like on ASR9001 ?


It seems there is no 1G mentioned in the document about SFP ports.


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