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On 12/1/2016 12:28 AM, Adrian Minta wrote:
Thanks Gert & Peter.  I’m going to look into the 9001.  We have a
bunch of Arista in the core doing ospf/ospfv3, the rep there
suggested their 7280SR, which is 48 SFP+, 6 QSFP, and they claim it’s
stable as a BGP router with limitations of 1.2M ipv4 / 768k ipv6
routes, simultaneously, no picking and choosing like Brocade.
Obviously, it’s good price point, but I’m not sure I’m ready to trust
them in an edge router role as I don’t know anyone using them for
BGP.  I’m also not sure how long 1.2M ipv4 routes will be good for
given we’re already over the half way point to that and the table has
been growing regularly after run out.   List is $66k for reference.

The SFP+ ports on 7280SR-48C6 do support 1G optics or they are 10G
only like on ASR9001 ?


It seems there is no 1G mentioned in the document about SFP ports.


Yes, they will take 1G optics. I can personally vouch for that. (And it's also buried on page 8 of that document.)

We've just started deploying 7280Rs at our edge and have had good luck with them so far. Their EOS is a little primitive for Layer 3 things, but it's been solid.

                        - bryan
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