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> On 7 August 2017 at 10:25, CiscoNSP List <cisconsp_l...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Looking for an alternative to IPerf for link testing - Having some
> > "reliability" concerns with IPerf results (Primarily with simultaneous
> > data transfers) - Any recommendations are greatly appreciated (10G
[...]> entirely reasonable on typical laptop, but 15Mpps is not. For 10GE
> you'd need something like netmap or DPDK based solution, which also
> means you'd need to have dedicated NIC for this, which to me is
> entirely another class of software, these exists, you might want to
> check out https://trex-tgn.cisco.com/.

+1 for TRex - fantastic Tool, nice API and very flexible. Actively developed by 
a Cisco team and updates coming around in regular intervals! Not to speak of 
the very friendly and helpful support via google-groups...

We've been using it during a CPOC lately and got very good results.

> If you're looking for commercial kit, I'd say go with Spirent or Keysight.

...TRex has similar features - but you only have to spend money for the server 
hardware :)



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