Definitely not a stupid question. While the double ISSU would work we
generally would not do it for big jumps like that.

The problem is that the whole procedure tended to be buggy so we are too
afraid. Not speaking about crazy bugs we ran into half year later because
"triggered by previous issu upgrade" and we needed to reload anyway.

So - our recomendation for jumps like this - load the system a kickstart
files and reload the box? Ideally power cycle....there were fw bugs that
needed hard reboot to fix...


Dňa 23. 2. 2018 7:34 používateľ "Justin M. Streiner" <> napísal:

On Fri, 23 Feb 2018, Bradley Ordner wrote:

We have a Nexus 7K with two SUP2Es. We need to get to software version
> 8.1(2). It says that you can't double hop to a software version without an
> outage. Although I have found the following -
> ISSU from 7.2(0)D1(1) to 7.3(1)D1(1) then to 8.1(2).
> We currently are on 7.2(0)D1(1) according to the doco I should be able to
> upgrade as each version can ISSU to the next?
> Has anyone performed this before?
> I have posted this on Cisco Support Community, with no response so either
> it is a stupid question or no one has done it before.

I haven't had to do a double-hop upgrade in a while, but my past experience
with ISSUs on the Nexus 7K has been mixed. Sometimes the 7K ecosystem
benefits from a full reboot.  Also, keep in mind that if any of the EPLDs
on your linecards need to be upgraded, the affected linecards will have to
take some amount of outage.  How much of an impact such an outage would
have depends entirely on your network design.


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