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> Vendors also sometimes conflate "ISSU" and "hitless", or their
> documentation doesn't always make it clear that an ISSU carries the
> potential of outages.

For what it is worth - there is a NX-OS command for checking whether an
ISSU will be hitless: "show install all impact ?" will show you what you
need to know.

We don't run much Nexus stuff, but we did upgrade our Nexus 7010 from
version 4.something all the way to 7.2 with only ISSU. We had to do some
careful planning, and some ISSU did fail, but the failure and rollback was
just as hitless as the successes, and it told us what needed to be
corrected for the future.

So far so good, with this strategy. I am very surprised to hear people
talking about their problems with the ISSU process. I could not be happier
with it.

# show system uptime
System start time:          Sat Dec 20 17:54:34 2014
System uptime:              1161 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes, 22 seconds


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