add-path is not just about backup path, it's also about sending ecmp paths.

Some vendors do and all vendor should have add-path toggle separately
to how many best paths to send and how many backup paths to send.
You'd likely always want all ECMP paths but at most you care about 1
backup path.

OFC if you run INET in VRF you can just use unique RD per router, if
you have the DRAM.

On 12 March 2018 at 20:39, Mark Tinka <> wrote:
> On 12/Mar/18 19:20, wrote:
>> With regards to ORR, are you using add-path already or RRs are doing
>> all the path selection on behalf of clients please?
> When Add-Paths (and Diverse-Paths) came out, we did some basic
> benchmarking for re-route convergence performance in our network, and
> did not see the benefit of increasing BGP state for a return in faster
> re-routing, i.e., given our architecture, there was no actual value for
> the cost of additional state. So no, we do not use Add-Paths or
> Diverse-Paths.
> Our focus has been on maintaining high-speed performance of the IGP as
> the network scales, while abstracting BGP oscillations through stable
> next-hops.
> Mark.
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