This is SUP2T, I am just playing with this in a lab (I realize sup2t is dead).

I notice that if I enable a CoPP policy and then do clear ipv6 ospf process 1 
(yes) the process gets stuck forever in EXSTART until I remove the 
service-policy and then instantly It connects and begins operating normally. I 
am assuming that it is because I am blocking something accidentally via my CoPP 

I've allowed protocol 89 sourced from the entire link-local subnet and then 
when that didn't work I then allowed all ipv6 on the link-local subnet. If I 
debug the traffic it just keeps re-transmitting DBDs to the IPv4 address of the 
peer (that is probably just the router-id) on the VLAN, over and over.

Does anyone have a working CoPP ACL for OSPFv3?


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