Hi Erik,

What we do to make upgrade easier is to create a Golden ISO (GISO) using 
gisobuild.py tool Cisco
provides, on a separate Linux box (off-router).

You download the asr9k-mini-x64-<version>.iso and you also need to download the 
64-bit tar file
which contains the RPM packages.  Unpack the tar and place the desired RPM 
packages you want
(e.g. isis, mpls, etc, etc), and place your router config file into your Linux 
box and run the
command like this:

  $ ./gisobuild.py -i asr9k-mini-x64-6.3.2.iso -r rpm/ -c your_router_config.cfg
  (make sure you place your desired RPMs into the rpm/ folder)

It'll then spit out the packaged ISO -- ftp that over to your router and simply 

  RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:router#install update source harddisk: <name of your golden 
iso file-x64.iso-6.1.3>

With 64-bit eXR, PIE packages are now replaced by Linux RPMs.  Golden ISO 
allows you to build
your own custom ISO that pre-packages the RPMs you want, and your router's 
config file.  Then you
just run a single upgrade command + reboot process that'll wholesale load your 
desired packages
and config in one go.  I guess it does make things easier compared to 32-bit 
cXR days.

Documentation on the process and where to find gisobuild.py is here:


If you are migrating from 32-bit XR to 64-bit, then you need to use the '-m' 
switch to create
migrate_to_eXR ISO.  You will use the migrate_to_eXR script on your router to 
perform the upgrade
from cXR.

Note that if you are running one of the new 10G/1G line cards -- Powerglide; 
you need to make sure you have the absolute latest FPD from 32-bit cXR before 
you go to 64-bit eXR. 
Otherwise, you may find that Powerglide LC remains in SW_INACTIVE and won't 
even boot to permit fpd
upgrades after the 64-bit migration.


On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 02:23:02AM +0000, Erik Sundberg wrote:
> Anyone have the procedure for upgrade ios xr 64-bit  from 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 on a 
> ASR99xx router?
> Its a little differnent than upgrading a 32-bit ars9k
> Also the a9k-mini file is an iso not a pie file.
> Thanks
> Erik
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