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Hi guys,

I'm trying something strange and funky in a lab and of course ending up at
dead-end :)

I'm trying to configure OpenContrail to peer with ASR9K.
I've already found a sample configuration for ASR903 but that one has IOS

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent for the following commands on
So far I can't find anything and am knocking my head against the wall a
bit (I
did find that MGRE should be supported though and MPLS over it).

l3vpn encapsulation ip MGRE
  transport ipv4 source GigabitEthernet0/4/7

route-map SELECT_UPDATE_FOR_L3VPN permit 10
   set ip next-hop encapsulate l3vpn MGRE

ASR9k does support mGRE but only in Draft-Rosen-MVPNs.
-so the tunnel endpoints and the necessary overlay encapsulation is all
determined via BGP (so no route-maps or NHRP).

You could try to follow this guide:
and just substitute L2TPv3 with GRE encapsulation and see how far you can
-but the guide is for CSR and I haven't found anything relevant on L2TPv3 on

I have a feeling that in the end my struggle would bring more headaches than
The light at the end of the tunnel is not clearly visible :)

Well you should ask Juniper folks as they claim vendor neutral support
-would like to see how they tested this with XR :)
Most likely p2p GRE.

I suspect this was not tested with IOS XR or at least from what can be found
via the Opencontrail site.

I really like the main idea of Contrail (or tungsten) - MPLS L2/L3VPNs all
the way down to VMs, but the execution is terrible.
Why MPLSoUnicorns?? -and then you got to have this nonsense at the DCI PEs trying to stitch whatever crazy overlay encapsulation DC folks come up with
with the good old MPLS VPNs in the core (it makes my life miserable).

Totally agreed but you know, it's this crazy industry push..does not really
follow logic.

If you have the chance (new DC POD, green-field deployment), then go with the unified fabric - MPLS from DC-to-Core-to-Aggregation it's very easy to
deploy and you'll love it.

No green-field but rather a PoC with this mixed setup..not too much
flexibility to go around.

And then if you want to do the contrail thing just spin up vMX or XR9000v on the compute hosts -this way you can build your DC fabric using very cheap
P-router type switches.
And if VMx or XR9000v eats too much resources on your Host then you can do the proper contrail thing but instead of vRouter you can program OVS from the ODL (yes the same SDN controller you use for the MPLS core -aint that
nice) to do the L2/L3VPN label pushing/popping.

Just waiting for the DC world to wake up and realize Frame-Relay et al. is
dead -that's why we have MPLS now.

:)) I'm just wondering what other crazy thing will follow and re-invent the
wheel :)

Thanks for the long, detailed e-mail and for all the help!!

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