On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, at 09:47, Scott Miller wrote:
> of PPPoE Business and Residential customers.  Anyone still using PPPoE for
> business customers?  I'm opting to convert all the business customers to a
> /30 P2P for ease of management...... 

We use PPPoE heavily, including for "high Mbps" customers. 99% of the local 
loops are 3rd party delivered on ethernet NNI, so an extra L2 is pretty much 
mandatory. Besides, we can't afford a /30, not even a /31 for each and every 
customer. Actually /30 is a (monthly) paid option. 

The irony is that while PPPoE is mandatory for our business customers, the 
residential FTTH is IPoE/DHCP. 

R.-A. Feurdean
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