If SIP integrated, easy fix, just point the trunk at the pub (and then reset 
the trunk in CUCM).

If SCCP integrated, you have a few different options and the best option 
depends on how you're setup and if this is a perm. change or just temporary?

If this is just temporary and assuming you have the max amount of ports per CUC 
node, In CUCM I would go to the line group of the SCCP ports and drop out the 
ports that are registered to the CUC subscriber node. Once your link is no 
longer saturated, add the ports back to the line group.

There are some other design strategies that you can look at to help mitigate 
this in the future. For example, you could add an additional CUC Subscriber 
node in the same DC as the publisher (so you end up with a subscriber in both 
data centers). This would allow you to have additional ports in the same DC as 
the publisher.



Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 18:52:43 +0000
Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] Unity connection - Voicemail playback

You have to route calls to that node. Right now, either you SCCP ports, or SIP 
trunk are pointing to the Sub. You have to change the priority of the trunk or
 the ports so it uses the Sub first.
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Subject: [cisco-voip] Unity connection - Voicemail playback

I have a Unity 10.5 HA setup and the subscriber is at our COLO. Currently the 
link between the two is being saturated so voicemail playback is very choppy. 


The question is, how do i force the publisher to handle those requests so that 
voicemail playback is handled inside this location and not at the colo?




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