Thanks Dainel! I probably knew that at some point,  but I couldn't remember for 
the life of me!  Makes total sense.



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>For clarity, by “higher bandwidth codec” I meant to say higher bit-rate codec, 
>or codec of higher bandwidth consumption.
>- Dan
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>Hey Ryan how’s it going? Transcoder allocated by CUCM comes from the side 
>using a higher bandwidth codec, regardless if it’s the calling or called 
>party, with the intention to avoid streaming a high bandwidth consuming codec 
>over a WAN connection – keeping it local to the LAN. Of course, this isn’t 
>always true, such as due to a local transcoding resource being entirely 
>nonexistent or a misconfiguration of the MRG/MRGLs.
>Hope this helps answer your question.
>- Dan
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>Subject: [cisco-voip] Transcoding question
>When xcoding is required in the call setup, which side is transcoded? The 
>called party or the calling party?
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