Not sure we can do that quickly.

What we are seeing is the phones (8841) are profiled properly sometimes, but 
then other times, they get profiled as a wireless device.  We also have WAPs on 
the network being profiled.  I am wondering if the issue is profiling based on 
MAC address since both the WAPs and phones are Cisco.

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We have ISE deployed and didn't find phone profiling to be 100% successful. We 
deployed LSCs to all our phones and use those for 802.1x authentication.

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We are also seeing the phones get disconnected with multi auth enabled and when 
computers are connected or disconnected from the phone PC port (docking 

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Subject: dot1x multi domain phones prompt for login


  We have some ports where we applied multi-domain authentication on ports with 
Cisco phones connected for phone profiling.  We are using ISE.  However, the 
phones prompt for username and password.  Do the phones require any dot1x 
configuration to do this?  Or is this a setting in ISE causing this?

Bill Hendrix

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