All the settings on the Device page correspond pretty directly to the 
endpoint’s xconfig equivalent. In later TC code and UCM it will even push an 
update you make on the endpoint up to UCM (for one of those fields).

There used to be an Admin guide for TP Enpoints with CUCM but I don’t know if 
it’s been updated since TC6.

As far as I know just about all TC and CE endpoints share the same settings on 
the Device page (QED, xml, whatever you are used to calling them).


On Dec 1, 2016, at 2:13 PM, Anthony Holloway 
<<>> wrote:

Do you have a link you can refer me to which explains how this setting is used? 
 And, do you know if all TP endpoints support that field equally?

I'll give this a try in a few minutes and report back.  Thanks Ryan!

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Ryan Ratliff (rratliff) 
<<>> wrote:
I’d recommend setting the System Name on the Device page for the C20.  That 
will sync up with the endpoint’s local setting and avoid any interop issues 
with the Line value.


On Dec 1, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Anthony Holloway 

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone has solved a certain problem for endpoints which are 
registered to CUCM.  You know how the system will show a name for the device at 
the top left of the TV screen?  I'm not talking touch 8 or touch 10 here, but 
the actual TV or monitor display.

I would like to show a combination of the name of the room and the phone number 
as well, but I'm not finding a very good solution to do this.

I did notice that what shows up by default is from CUCM DN Display field, so I 
edited it.

Instead of just this:


I used this:


And that works, but then I face two challenges:

1) Internal Caller ID is really long and redundant, containing the DN in itself

Plus, the documentation says you shouldn't put a number in here, probably for 
the same reason I'm saying (not good practice):


2) Or the whole thing is just too long and over the character limit, like this 
(note I cannot fit the rest of the number):


So, that's less than ideal, but atleast it's persistent through reboots of the 

A non-persistent approach I did try, is changing the Codec's SIP DisplayName, 
which by default is populated with what's in CUCM's DN Display field:

From the default:


To this:


And that works too, but then it's volatile and I have to keep changing them 
back all the time, and checking up on them, bleh.  No thanks.

I did look into the start up script option on a TC7.3 C20 codec, so the system 
can reconfigure its own DisplayName when booting, but that didn't work with the 
below simple script, despite working when manually clicking Run. I think it 
didn't work because of the order of operations: 1) boot codec, 2) run script 
and update display name, 3) register with CUCM, 4) re-update display name from 


So anyway, I've done some searching, but not really knowing these systems too 
well or the terminology, I'm kind of stuck.  I suppose I could write a script 
in Python and have it check the config and update, and set that to run every 10 
minutes or whatever, but I don't know.  Maybe.

I'll leave it there and see what you all have seen or done.  Thanks much.

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