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>> My client has a need to save the cell numbers in CM , when a caller calls in 
>> from a known cell number , they want to display the persons name .
>> Can cell numbers be mapped to a name in CM ?
> I believe Florian’s response re. setting up your chose numbers as Remote 
> Destinations would work, and is the only way to do it with just CUCM. The 
> option, I was told back when I looked into the same some years ago, is a TCL 
> script on your voice gateway that alphatags incoming calls form a list.
> Useful thread here:
> https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/11295276/cucm-86x-and-caller-name-incoming-external-calls
> Paolo’s scripts were well regarded back then, but not free (thought not 
> expensive, either).

That's http://www.ciscoscripts.com/ for those playing along at home, and
it also includes a script to disconnect callers, which is something I've
been looking for for a while.


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