I've never attempted it, but it's not supported by Cisco, the docs are
specific on what phones are supported, 7800/8800 phones on specific
firmware, along with DX units.

A 3rd party SIP connection normally doesn't ask for the provisioning
domain, username and password in the same way that a Cisco phone would, and
I would expect it would have to be coded specifically for how MRA works.

Just my $0.03 worth

On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Mitch Johnson via cisco-voip <
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> I’ve been trying to connect a 3rd Party phone.  I’ve been trying Linphone
> with no success.  The reason for Linphone as it does both voice and chat
> and it supports SRTP.
> Has anyone had any luck with using 3rd Party apps through MRA, probably
> through a proxied SIP connection from Expressway-C to CUCM?  I hate to go
> down the rabbit hole too far and burn up valuable cycles if it’s not
> possible.
> However, if someone has done this, any solid guidance would be
> appreciated.  BTW, my CUCM cluster is not in mixed-mode, terminating SRTP
> on the Expressways, don’t have a requirement for anything else.
> Thanks so much
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> Mitch Johnson
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