If it boots up and goes to speaker and sits there with no output it is probably 
dead per the field notice that was already posted. We have had a bunch of 

The hallmark of the "oops my firmware fell out" state in times past was the 
cycling lights, lights that would go off, and, if the phone didn't find any 
firmware after some period of time it would repeat this process until it did 
(if ever). 

The 79x2/79x5 seem to have this problem just like the AIR-AP-1252 access point 
did, only much less severely, and reloading switches, using Energywise full 
power down, etc can potentially cause the unit to fail. Unfortunately combined 
with the bad solder joints and hookswitches on the "Type B" models, the 7900 
series did not seem to have the highest reliability in general. 

The 8800s we have had one bad hookswitch and maybe a dozen that went white 
screen and ceased to operate due to something with wired headsets and some 
batch of phones, but they're otherwise fairly reliable hardware wise. If the 
firmware updates could get rid of the dang hiss that showed up in 11, and the 
invisible line text on dark background bug in 12, they'd be pretty spot on.

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