A client has a need for an off site solution that will make test calls to
their numbers and report when there are issues. I understand that this is
very vague, but they are interested in hearing about any and all solutions.

They have several SIP carriers and a nationwide presence, but the SIP
trunking is centralized. They've had enough issues with one DID service
failing and their customers having to report the issue. Ideally, the SIP
providers would be able to automatically do "something" when they stop
receiving options pings, or when a certain sip response is received... but
it doesn't work that way with the behemoth phone companies.

The way it works now is that MOST issues are able to be caught successfully
with internal monitoring... but others such certain NPA-NXX can't call
another NPA-NXX, or carrier interconnects such as "Verizon wireless
customers cannot call Sprint toll free numbers from area code 555"  These
odd scenarios are what we are looking to solve. I understand this is
potentially huge, but I think if we could automate calls to about 10
different numbers, that would cover enough of the ingress and carrier
combinations that it would make a HUGE difference.

I've thought of spinning up an Asterisk and somehow automating the echo
test feature. I've also thought about using the Twilio API to test if calls
are successful. Both of these are complicated and prone to issues... so if
there is a hosted or cloud solution that is already available, please let
me know.

Any suggestions or more than welcome.

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