I’d have to look but rtmt might be able to report if calls fall below x value   
If so that would be a really quick step while you look at options


> On Mar 7, 2018, at 12:56, Nick Barnett <nicksbarn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> A client has a need for an off site solution that will make test calls to 
> their numbers and report when there are issues. I understand that this is 
> very vague, but they are interested in hearing about any and all solutions.
> They have several SIP carriers and a nationwide presence, but the SIP 
> trunking is centralized. They've had enough issues with one DID service 
> failing and their customers having to report the issue. Ideally, the SIP 
> providers would be able to automatically do "something" when they stop 
> receiving options pings, or when a certain sip response is received... but it 
> doesn't work that way with the behemoth phone companies.
> The way it works now is that MOST issues are able to be caught successfully 
> with internal monitoring... but others such certain NPA-NXX can't call 
> another NPA-NXX, or carrier interconnects such as "Verizon wireless customers 
> cannot call Sprint toll free numbers from area code 555"  These odd scenarios 
> are what we are looking to solve. I understand this is potentially huge, but 
> I think if we could automate calls to about 10 different numbers, that would 
> cover enough of the ingress and carrier combinations that it would make a 
> HUGE difference.
> I've thought of spinning up an Asterisk and somehow automating the echo test 
> feature. I've also thought about using the Twilio API to test if calls are 
> successful. Both of these are complicated and prone to issues... so if there 
> is a hosted or cloud solution that is already available, please let me know.
> Any suggestions or more than welcome.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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