On 13/01/17 09:25, James Andrewartha wrote:
> We've experienced something similar for about 2.5 years, on some calls
> one party won't be able to hear audio for 5-10 seconds. These are all
> internal calls, single site, phones (7965 and 7975, SCCP) on a flat L2
> network, one pub, one sub. It even survived an upgrade from 8.6 to 10.5.
> We opened a case and TAC asked for a trace of it happening, but we
> couldn't reproduce it easily. I keep meaning to get back to it, but
> haven't had the time given how hard it is to reproduce.

Well, some staff have moved to a demountable with a switch daisy-chained
from another and it's happening quite a bit now. Looking at the CDR I
can see that one end is just not receiving the packets. The phones are
on the same subnet/VLAN, and the switch ports have no errors. I'm going
to set up a span capture but does anyone have any suggestions on where
to look? CUCM, 7975/7965 with SCCP[47]5.9-4-2SR2-2S.

Parameter       Origination     Destination
PayLoadCapability       6       6
MediaCap_g723BitRate    0       0
Packets Sent    714     712
Octets Sent     122808  122464
Packets Received        711     0
Octets Received         122292  0
Packets Lost    0       0
Jitter  0       0
Latency         0       0
QoS     G       G
VideoCap_Codec  0       0
VideoCap_Bandwidth      0       0
VideoCap_Resolution     0       0
VideoTransportAddress_Port      0       0
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