I would say that having a CCNA for those working with voip is almost a 
necessity. Far too often the troubleshooting process breaks down because they 
think the phone is something special. Well, it _is_ special, but if it's not 
working, there are some basic networking troubleshooting steps that come first. 
I remember once, phones weren't working because the DHCP pool was full. Nobody 
bothered to check. 

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Hello All,

We are in the process of planning for next fiscal year's professional 
development or conferences and I would appreciate your input relating to voice 

1. Has anyone found value in Cisco CCNA and then moving toward Cisco 
Collaboration certification?

2. Have you found any other non-Cisco specific training related to voice 
services that may be useful? 

3. Any conferences that are not overly expensive but still useful for voice 
services (not Cisco Live)?

I appreciate your responses.

Thank you,

Lisa Notarianni
The University of Scranton
Scranton, PA

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