It’s not that bad (maybe 1 - 2 hours to get a functional test going).

The most unexpected thing I think you may run into is the use/need for MTLS 
(TCP:5062) between the Edge and Control Hub. Also, your Expressway version 
should be 12.5.x (I think 8.11.4 may still work but you’ll get an alarm telling 
you to upgrade if it does work).

Outside of that, it’s a splash of nerd knob turning in the control hub, some 
search rule / traversal & dns zone magic in Expressway C/E and setting up the 
management/call connector in Expressway, you can even re-use a MRA (unified 
communications) traversal client/server (or create a dedicated traversal if so 

Here is the guide you’d want to follow for it and it’s pretty complete and well 



On Jul 2, 2019, at 21:30, Lelio Fulgenzi 
<<>> wrote:

On a scale from 1 to 10, how difficult and/or time consuming is it to setup 
call hybrid connector with WebEx?

I’m just about convinced that I’d rather register our room devices and SX20s to 
the cloud. But people would like to be able to dial extensions and PSTN 
numbers. Being able to use our audio bridges would also be of benefit (ya, I 
understand the irony of that).

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