I'm looking for ideas on how people setup their applications/scripts when 
handling call centers with multiple tiers of support. More specifically, how do 
you handle 1st tier agents queueing calls for 2nd tier agents? Below, I've 
provided three ways I can think of to achieve it, but I'm curious if someone 
has a better idea.

  *   An application/trigger for each tier. The 1st tier agent transfers the 
call to the trigger for the next tier. Benefit of this being that the scripts 
are broken out and there's not as much clutter in each.
  *   A second trigger on the application, and a Get Call Contact Info step to 
grab the called number and queue the call for 2nd tier CSQ based on that. The 
1st tier agent would transfer the call two the secondary trigger. This makes 
for a more cluttered script, but you don't have to cross reference anything.
  *   A Get Digit String that is used at the "welcome" prompt, which can be 
used by the 1st tier agent when they do a supervised transfer to the trigger on 
the application. This again makes for a more cluttered script than doing two 
applications/triggers, but maybe makes it easier to manage and do reporting on?


Tim Johnson

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