I agree on several points you've made. As we continue to "run lean" (meaning, 
in some cases, on fumes) and our management and leadership are bombarded with 
firms offering to deliver everything we do as a managed service that just 
fountains in over the "cloud", the reality of it is that we're compared against 
these claims.

We've built here a responsible and flexible service, with which we can offer to 
any of our customers a robust set of features. That being said we see on 
average a 4% take on features such as SNR, Jabber, etc. We are not aggressive 
in our marketing, and at times I'd term it elusive even, so we could do better. 
But that means that 95% of people will probably deal with the basics.

That is somewhat what I am trying to prepare us for, not building rube Goldberg 
line forwarding and shared line arrangements, and insisting on each customer 
having their own extension. I feel like if we switch platforms, or delivery 
methods, this will make things easier. Even this has been painful to implement, 
and not always practical. 

Regarding upgrades, we've limited ourselves to major upgrade windows 
biannually, and quarterly for SUs, non-critical COPs, etc. Despite everything 
being rubber stamped "24x7" , in reality very few things are. We push our 
maintenance to run overnight, or Friday evening into Saturday, and we go from 
there. IIRC you were cloning or rebuilding VMs within VMWare and juggling their 
connections to try and minimize downtime, but, we've found that as long as 
security and physical plant can operate in some regard, no one else really 


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