*Kindly respond back to b...@3ktechnologies.com <b...@3ktechnologies.com>*

*Position: **Android Architect*

*Location: **Seattle, WA*

*Duration: **6+ Months*

*Job Description:*

·  Must have several years Android app experience.  (Portfolio of Android
apps would be nice, though not required).

·  Must be familiar with OpenGL ES, since ScanUI uses it.  Features like
Triplex will probably heavily rely on OpenGL.  (iPhone rendering engine is
also based entirely on OpenGL under the hood).

·  Experience with OpenGL shaders would be a bonus.

·  Must be familiar with writing high performance UI.  For example, someone
with Android 3D games experience might fit here.   As UI/UX demanded more
widgets, the ScanUI app started stuttering.

·  Must have experience with interfacing Java UI code with C/C++ libraries
using JNI.

·  Experience with OpenCV or OpenCL libraries a plus.  For example, we use
OpenCV for SonoHD.

·  Experience working with embedded Android (e.g. building firmware from an
Android tree) would be a bonus, though not required.

·  Experience working with UI/UX folks is a bonus.  Help keep UI design
diverging too much from Android best practices and UI model.

·  Experience with media codecs and frameworks a plus.

·  Must have experience writing unit tests and other tests for an Android

·  Must be willing to wear multiple hats.

*Thanks & Regards*
*Bala Krishna*

*1114 Cadillac Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035*

www.3ktechnologies.com  | *b...@3ktechnologies.com*

*Gmail: bala3kt           Yahoo: balakrishna.movva*

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