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*Dev Level IV *

*Shortlisting Candidates as they come in*

*Local Candidates Only*

*6 month contract                                      *

*Is there a Pre-Identified Candidate for this role:*


*What skills would you like tested during the Codility test?*

Java will be the language tested on the codility test.

*Business Overview:  *

*Tell me about your department:*

What is Extended Content? Extended content is all about sourcing,
ingesting, and publishing content that decorates and enhances typical
product content. The Extended Content team works with other teams to
maximize the use and benefits of extended content and drive better outcomes
with the products and brands we sell.

*Project Description:*

The back end engineer will report into the engineering organization and
will work on an agile team participating in all aspects of the agile
process, including sprint planning, story estimating, story execution,
writing code, writing unit tests, and ensuring deliverables are of the
highest quality.

*Position Overview:*

*Responsibilities/Deliverables that the resource will be responsible for:*

   - Collaboration with team members and others to define and understand
   software requirements and design.
   - High quality software development and delivery.
   - Tier three application support in test systems and production.

*Skills Overview:*

*What are the MUST have skills and technologies that you are looking for in
a candidate?*


   - At least eight years of relevant systems software engineering
   experience and a BS/MS in computer science, engineering, or mathematics (or
   equivalent professional experience).
   - Experience building high-performance, highly-available and scalable
   distributed systems.
   - Experience building complex software systems that have been
   successfully delivered to customers.
   - Experience using container technologies, Docker preferred.
   - Experience with Spring, Spring Boot, and Spring Batch.
   - Experience with Amqp, RabbitMQ preferred.
   - Experience with Lucene, Solr preferred.
   - Experience building REST web services, with Spring preferred.
   - Experience building JPA data access layers, with Spring and Hibernate
   - Experience with NoSQL, Riak and Cassandra preferred.
   - Experience with SQL, Oracle preferred.
   - Experience with Agile.
   - Ability to aggressively refactor.

*Nice to Have:*

   - Keen understanding of multi-threading and concurrency in Java.
   - Experience with data streaming frameworks and tools, such as Apache
   Flink, Apache Storm, Akka

*You may be the ideal candidate for our team if:*

   - You are enthusiastic and excited about technology.
   - You are flexible, dependable and know how to have fun while getting a
   lot done.
   - You are open and honest and willing to share and accept feedback and
   - You are positive and optimistic. Setbacks and constraints motivate you
   to work harder.
   - You aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty
   with the rest of the team.
   - You are pretty darn good at what you do (but don't let it go to your
   - You strive to constantly improve yourself and your team.

*What are the soft skills that you feel candidates must-have in order to be
successful in this role?*

   - The ability to prioritize effectively, communicate clearly, and
   consistently deliver results.
   - Keen attention to detail and high level of commitment.

*Will there be testing required for this role? If so, what test would you
like administered & who would you like to administer?*


*Prescreening Questions:*

*Candidate Screening Questionnaire*

   1. What steps do you take to ensure that the deliverables for your tasks
   are of the highest quality?
   2. What characteristics of your code make it maintainable?
   3. How do you keep current with emerging trends, tools, and technologies
   in the software industry?
   4. How do you approach learning a new technology/framework for use in
   your development tasks?

Failure to answer the above candidate screening questions will eliminate
the candidate from the interview process.

*Interview Process Overview:*

30 minute phone interview with HM, an online coding assessment, followed by
30 minute in person interview.

* Sr. Recruitment Manager*

*Zenith tech Solutions*
* Desk: **518-621-004* <518-621-0048>*6*
* Fax: **518-244-4977* <518-244-4977>

* 3 park HillAlbany, NY 12204 **ami...@zenithtechsolutions.com

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