Hei, hei!

>  > I can add that there are some music in manuscript for the norwegian
>  > sister.
> *That* is something you have to tell us more about, Are!

I would love to, but I don't know much... In the booklet for the norwegian
early music group Pro Musica Antica's recording "For borgere og bønder"
("For peasents and farmers"), which contains music from norwegian 18th
century manuscripts, there is mentioned a "Mette Kristine Dodekam's
sisterbok" from 1799, which is supposed to contain a couple of famous
norwegian folk tunes. But there is no music from this manuscript on the
CD, though. Maybe there is more music for sister too, I will ask Hans
Olav Gorset, who is the leader of Pro Musica Antica and is currently
writing a phd-thesis on the subject of norwegian manuscripts, about this.

>  > When Bellmann fled from his creditors in Stockholm, he lived for
>  > a while in the little town Fredrikshald (now Halden) in the southeast
>  > corner of Norway - my hometown.
> Cool! My grandmother was from Halden. :-)

Jøss! Hvor i Halden var ho fra?

>  > Maybe he bought a sister from Amund
>  > Hansen, who lived in Fredrikshald and was considered to be the greatest
>  > norwegian sister maker.
> I'm afraid that's not very likely. Bellman went to Halden in 1763 (to
> escape his creditors). I think that's a bit before Hansen began building
> instruments (his oldest known cister is dated 1795).

Are you sure? I seem to recall that an Amund Hansen sister in the museum
at Fredriksten fortress, where Amund worked as a military musician, is
dated 1779? That's still a bit late, though...

I don't know anybody who has revived the norwegian sister, but I would
love to be the first!


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