>  > That is supposed to be written for a lyra viol.
> I'm afraid that may be my fault. The book used to be regarded as
> Norway's only "lute manuscript." A few years ago I pointed out to the
> librarians at Norsk Musiksamling that it wasn't very likely to have been
> written for the lute and suggested the lyra viol as an alternative, so
> they changed their catalogue accordingly. At that time I didn't know
> there was a cittern tradition in Norway.

That's interesting! In an article in The Lute Society Magazine, Lynda
Sayce listed a norwegian manuscript as a source of music for the 18th
century german mandora, and I believe that was the Peder Bang manuscript.
I asked her where she got that information, and she replied. I will look
up the answer after my holiday.


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