Dear Cittern Friends,

I've just had some terrible news from a luthier friend in Rome, Roberto Gabrielli. He was putting the finishing touches on a new cittern for me - a copy of the the Gibson of Dublin. He arrived home last night to find that his workshop had been broken into, and not being able to break into his house from there, most of Rob's tools were stolen and the culprit took revenge on the cittern - it was found in the garden completely destroyed. He hasn't found the neck yet. Fortunately, so he tells me, he hadn't mounted the tuners yet - that is really all that's left of it. An instrument that he was restoring was also missing

I was just about to go to Rome to collect the cittern - I've been looking forward to it for more than a year. I feel terrible - but not nearly as badly as Rob is feeling now. He really has to start from scratch, and not just on my cittern.

Thanks for listening,


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