Dear Cittern lists members,

I am looking for plans of english guittars and french cistres made by

- Hintz
- Rauche
- Swartson (Amsterdam)
- Zumpe
- Hoffman
- Parry
- Gibson
- Simpson
- Longman & Broederip

 french cistres :

 - Deleplanque (Lille)
- Le Blond (Dunkerque)
- Renault (Paris)
- Renault et Chatelain (Paris)
- Paquet (Marseille)
- Cousineau (Paris)
- Henocq (Paris)
- Saunier (Paris)
- Mast (Toulouse)
- Laurent (Paris)
- Pique (Paris)

The list is very long.... And these draws are unfindable (i don't know if
this word exists but I want to use it!)

If anybody can help me or give me the contact of a museum curator or
university or collector who can help me in my researches, I would be very



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