Dear all cittern list members,

A friend of mine who owns an arch-cittern made in paris circa 1770 by Laurent (see photo ) is looking for strings for his instrument.

The string lenght of the theorbe is 92cm and the string lenght of the neck-fingerboard is 55,10 cm.

This instrument was usually tuned from low to high without the extra-basses E-A-D-e-a-c#-e . The highest extra bass string was a D but I don't know about the 4 others.

Please can anyone can tell us where we can find strings for this instrument?

Abbot Carpentier notices in his first recueil that the 4 first double course are made with brass. The other simple strings are gut strings spun with silver.

Thanks for your help,

Kind regards,

Damien Delgrossi.

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