About posting the same message to two lists ... well
I try to make that difficult for several reasons.  One
is the feeling that it negates point of multiple lists.
The other is technical.  You see, the list robot can
only direct a posting to one list.  If you have 
two list addresses on the "To:" or "Cc:" field then
the robot makes its own decision on which one list
to send the message to.  If the robot decides
to send it to a list that you are not a member of, the
message can go into a black hole.

So if you really need to post to two lists, I suggest you 
save a copy of the message, post it to one list, 
join the second list and send a second copy (as a completely
seperate action) to the second list, then unsubscribe from
the second list.

Sometimes I look through the reject posts and forward
them on manually.  But lately I have been just too busy
to do that.


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