Thanks for posting the sound file, Stuart. Nicely played!

I thought the first section has some similarities to Van Eyck's "Wat zalmen op den avond doen".

Ruth van Braak Griffioen list a number of cognates, including German versions (Was w├Âlln wir auf den Abend thun). Lute versions in German manuscripts include Hainhofer, Fabricius, Stobaeus, Adriaenssen and Thysius (Slaepen gaan), etc

-- R

On Nov 11, 2008, at 3:32 PM, Stuart Walsh wrote:

Arthur Ness wrote:
Stuart and Rob,

I thought Rocky did a nice job, too.  What do you make of the "Wusch
Englisch"  or "Vush English"
tune?  Do you recognized the tune?  = "wash" or in dialect "wish"

Here's a simple rendition of the tune (I'm an amateur). It's played on a very humble, factory-made seven-string Russian guitar but tuned in the correct way. There's a strum on the open strings at the start to show the tuning - very soupy! I put a capo on (somewhat arbitrarily) to raise the pitch a bit, on the supposition that the intended instrument would have been smaller than a Russian guitar.
Hope it gives some indication of the piece:

Doesn't sound familiar at all. Doesn't sound particularly English. Almost Balcarres?


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