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Oups, I wanted to watch it again and youtube said : "the use deleted the video"...


Thanks for your comments. It really was a bit rough - even for me! (Especially the first tune, the second was OK enough). I'm uploading a "Lesson" by Thomas Thackray at the moment.


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A little bit is known about Thomas Thackray and his life as a musician in Yorkshire in the second half of the 18th century. He published lessons and airs for the guittar (English guitar). His "Forty Four Airs' have simple duets as well as solos. The duet format for English guitar with a second part for another guittar (often specifying a violin as an alternative) was very popular. The second part is usually just a simple, as it were, bass line accompaniment. An accomplished player could probably play both parts on one instrument but the use of two separate instruments has its own unique sound.

Here are a couple of simple tunes, a 'minuetto' (Thackray includes both minuets and minuettos) and 'Temple Newsham'. Temple Newsam still exists in Leeds:



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