Dear Friends,
   This list seems to have been very nearly replaced by the cittern.ning
   site, but in the off-chance that someone is still reading here who is
   not in the ning group, I thought I'd send this message here. (My
   apologies for any duplicates anyone may receive.)
   I am pleased to announce that my new wire string business Andrew Hartig
   Custom Strings is now open. I supply wire strings for period and modern
   instruments, with a special emphasis on handmade twisted strings for
   the lower range of instruments. I am located in the USA but can ship
   anywhere worldwide.

   Please check out my shop on the web at
   [1] and let me know what you think.

   There is a special mailing list for news and specials. To subscribe,
   just go to [2]
   Additionally, you can join me on Facebook at
   [3] where I post more regular news and
   updates of current projects.

   Viva la cetra!
   Andrew --



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