Danett song in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] New phishing method...doubts' wrote:
> --- Török Edvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu:
> > Linux:yes, tested. Windows: should work, but I
> > didn't personally test.
> Without cygwin? 
> I would like to test it, but I only use Windows, is
> there someone created a installer that have this
> module included (and with files pre configured) to use
> in Windows? :)

Since it's in clamav it'll be probably included in clamwin,
but I'm not sure, just guessing.

> > That depends if you have a plugin in your mua, that
> > uses/calls clamav.
> Ahhh, so it's a module that is called in the scan
> engine to any data (buffer to be checked if have a
> virus or not?) passed to it? If yes, how the anti
> phishing module detect if it's a HTLM (e-mail content)
> to be checked and not a binary for example (causing
> false positives) ?

Ouch, iirc phishing module scans html files
(they're detected by clamav engine itself).

> > <a href="http://someevilurl";>paypal.com</a>
> > http://someevilurl - real url
> > paypal.com - displayed url
> > 
> I taked a look at it. How much false positives this
> modules are generating? Depend on the configuration?
> Someone made a analys of it (maybe Ian Castle)?

This depend on your base.

> > You may also find useful the phishsigs_howto.pdf
> > inside the docs dir (in the cvs version).
> I don't know how to access the cvs with Windows, is
> this CVS viewable via web? :)

There are some cvs tools for windows.

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