Török Edwin wrote:
> Marc Balmer wrote:
>> I just noticed that I need to register and login to propose this via
>> bugzilla. 
> Registration is automatic, and needed to avoid spam. Did you encounter
> problems during registration?

I don't want to.  I mail you a diff and if that is not enough, well,
then this code will not be made available.

It's easy to pass a filedescriptor, it just does not work the way
the ClamAV team coded it.  You can not just pass a stringified
fd number (printf("%d", fd) to the server and do an atoi() there.
The have to be passed in cmsgs over a local UNIX socket.  This is
portable by the way...

It speeds up scanning a lot in many situation and has some security
benefits as well.  To bad I need to add this as a local patch now.
Please submit your patches to our Bugzilla: http://bugs.clamav.net

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