Since the release 0.93, the options ArchiveBlockMax (clamd) and --block-max 
(clamscan) are no longer supported.
Furthermore, Marcus Neukert highlights since clamav-0.93.1: if a limit was 
reached, the return-code for applications is CL_CLEAN.

So now, when scanning an archive, the scan can end when a limit is reached and 
the result of the scanner is CL_CLEAN, although that this archive can possibly 
be infected.
It is bad for people that need this information.

In waiting for a possible solution, like a three stage error message (James 
Kosin's email):
  1) Successful, NO VIRUS.
  2) Unsuccessful, due to space or limits set. (warning)
  3) VIRUS detected.

I have written a patch for the release 0.93, that reintroduces the options 
ArchiveBlockMax (clamd) and --block-max (clamscan).
In the same time, I have modified and extended the behaviour of these options 
to others achives (arj, tgz, ...).
With this patch, if the option is enabled (not enabled by default), we just 
have 5 new possible virus definitions for all archives:
- ExceededFileSize
- ExceededScanSize
- ExceededFilesLimit
- ExceededRecursionLimit
- UnsupportedFormatFile


Olivier SOYEZ
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