Dear Clamav-Devel,

Here is a set of patches of libclamav and clamd for clamav-0.93.3 that 
reduces the loading time of compressed antiviral database in cvd files. 
They can be found at the following url:

We noticed by instrumenting the loading of database that the 
uncompressing of compressed cvd files is performed line by line using 
gzgets function and that this function is the hotspot of the loading time.

The proposed patch optimizes the loading of compressed database (in cvd) 
by uncompressing big blocks of compressed data using gzread, store them 
into a cache and read lines of uncompressed data from the cache.
The patch add two new functions to initialize a cache of given size and 
one to free the allocated memory for the cache.
cli_dbgets use a new function called cli_dbgets_cache when a cache 
pointer is found.

To use the cache simply call cl_dbcache_init(size_in_kb) before calling 
  cl_load() and after load release the allocated memory using 
cl_dbcache_cleanup(). Such a patch is provided for clamd.

Here are some benchmark results concerning the loading time on a VIA C3 
Samuel 2 at 400.91-MHz

Loading of compressed cvd (no cache):       4:13.54
Loading of compressed cvd (cache of 16KB):  1:11.75
Loading of uncompressed cvd:            0:53.68

You can see that loading time is closed to be divided by a factor of 4.

We would be happy if some of you could have a look at the patchs and 
test them and report any issues or remarks.

Thanks in advance,
Damien Deville

Damien Deville
R&D engineer
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