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On Wed, July 16, 2008 23:51, Stephen Gran wrote:

> Since clamd, clamscan, and so on won't start without a valid database file
> or two, it makes sense to make the default install contain a database.

currect, but sometimes tarball have old db files, where freshclam do not
have this problem

> Currently the Debian packages conditionally install the databases
> shipped with a new release, taking care not to overwrite existing files.

super, if freshclam is runned before starting clamd

> It would be nice if make install had the same behavior, but that's not
> trivial to do with automake, and I'm not sure it's worth the time it
> would take to get the logic right.

if both db and source code need to be installed split it as a seperary deb
package, i know debian have this habbit :-)

why do i care ?, i do for the mirror size that downloads currently 17M to
get the latest patches for clamav sources :/

Benny Pedersen
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