thanks to the new test suite in 0.94rc1, I discovered something not 
working as required in the OS/2 port (and fixed it).

One issue still open is the CHM submodule, which is always off. 
Debugging the code showed that signature 


changing the dconf archive flags. 0x3fBf misses the 0x40 for chm 
dynamic module configuration.

More tests showed this happens only if daily.cvd is present, so CHM 
module is enable when only main.cvd is present in the system.

Connecting via proxy
main.cvd is up to date (version: 47, sigs: 312304, f-level: 31, 
builder: sven)
Connecting via proxy
daily.cvd is up to date (version: 8069, sigs: 88644, f-level: 33, 
builder: ccordes)

I did same test on my eeepc, with xandros and clamav 0.91.2: also 
there, the test file clam.chm is marked as ok with daily.cvd, and 
found infected with main.cvd.

Is this a known problem?


Yuri Dario

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