Vincent Régnard wrote:
> I have a rpmbuild macro that is doing
> %{?__libtoolize:[ -f ] && %{__libtoolize} --copy --force} ;
> before executing configure
> I cannot tell what this is exactly doing nor why, it's been doing so for
> years...
> On thing is sure, replacing clamav's autobuild ./libtool with my
> system's default (an old 1.5.22) is solving the trouble in my case.
> Is there any problem using my system's libtool instead of clamav's in
> that case ?

Yes, precisely.
With --force libtoolize overwrites the shipped libtool stuff and
replaces it with your system's libtool (which is older and not
compatible). It never triggered before because we were in turn shipping
an outdated libtool as well, but at some point due to problems with
darwin (IIRC) we had to upgrade.
If you can get the reconfigure script to run without --force you should
have no problems.

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