Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder of this week's ClamAV Webcast on Wednesday 3rd December
at 1800UTC (1300EST).

The presentation will cover common pitfalls in the deployment of ClamAV. It
will then recommend the best practices for logging, scan limits, SMP 
systems, usage of
PUA, setting up freshclam, using ClamAV on more hosts on your network and
submitting detection statistics, followed by an overview of the engine
configuration flags found in 0.94.1.

Finally the presentation will describe a recommended upgrade procedure,
showing common pitfalls and best practices to avoid them such as forgetting
to review configuration changes, testing the new version before deployment
and restarting the daemons.

The broadcast will include a Q&A session.

For further details, including how to listen to the broadcast and a
biography of the speaker, Török Edvin, please visit

As always this session will be recorded and archived on ClamAV.net and

Finally, if you have any topic you'd like to see us cover in the future, or
if you'd like to give  a presentation (we welcome talks from the 
community), please contact me at
518 7944.

I hope you can join us.



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