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On Tue, 3 Mar 2009 aCaB wrote:

> Chris Moules wrote:
> > I have been looking at the RC1 for ClamAV. With the rewrite of the
> > Milter it has removed one important (for us) feature. That is the
> > ability to notify clients that there mail has been intercepted.
> I think the quarantine queue and the x-headers already offer quite a
> good base for postprocessing the infected messages ... I'd rather
> leave the postprocessing entirely to the admin ...  if you consider
> that the very same effect can be achieved with about 3 lines of code
> in a sitewide procmail recipe or ...

What you say is true.  However it would be much clearer that you
understand that your new milter breaks a lot of existing and even in
some cases carefully crafted and well tested code on many mailservers
if you had apologised for it once more instead of simply snipping the
part of the OP's mail which mentions it.

You can expect administrators who find themselves having to script
their way around your changes to wonder if there might be a package
which both provides equivalent functionality and has a stable API.


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