‌‌Hello, In my work, we had the need to use the onaccess feature of clamav, but 
on new(dynamic) mount point. The actual fanoitify/inotify couldn't detect when 
a directory is mounted, so couldn't follow any mount. So we create a little 
patch to reflect what we've done against clamav v 0.99.2 In this way, we decide 
to test another approach : using a socket to add/remove file from the watch 
tree. A script monitor the mount (dbus-monitor for our needs). This has another 
benefit : the capacity to filter which mount point we want to follow. However, 
to simplify the work, we create another socket than the master, dedicated to 
this works (and so we could have multiple instances with different 
configurations). To avoid multiples way of declaring the socket, I factorize 
the already existent (in localserver), and use it in onaccess_ddd. The inner 
working is really simple : for each line written to the socket, we remove it 
from the watch tree (to be sure we doesn't duplicate anything).Then, we add it 
only if the path exist. In addition, I needed to add a little patch to 
desactivate onas_ddd_handle_extra_scanning. This one scan the directory even if 
we are "on access", and we want to avoid this. It begin at the 533 line in 
onaccess_ddd.c, and it is really crude (I didn't want to delete the function). 
The added functionnality is really a necessity for us, and any help so it could 
be incorporated into upstream will be appreciated :) Cordially

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