Hi all,

I'm trying to build the ClamAV 1.0.0 RC and saw this in the documentation "Some 
of the dependencies are optional if you elect to not build all of the command 
line applications, or elect to only build the libclamav library. Specifically:
        libcurl: required for libfreshclam, freshclam, clamsubmit, clamonacc
        ncurses: required for clamdtop"

I don't need any of those binaries but I can't see how to specify that in the 
CMake configuration call. I've had a look at the INSTALL.md file within the 
source directory but the only feature I seem to be able to disable is 
"clamonacc". The ENABLE_APP option seems to turn on/off all of the programs 
rather than letting me pick and choose.

All I really need is clamd, clamdscan, clamscan and sigtool. Is there a way to 
achieve that without building everything and deleting the bits I don't want?



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